To become centre of information and activity with one stop art destination concept  with be ahead orientation, dynamic, creative, innovative and democratic.


  1. To be cordinating building fine arts ekspansion along with other fine arts stakeholder among other : collector, curator, artist, other gallery, goverment, private party and art lover in general. 
  2. To accomplish quality, achievement and reputation in manage fine arts activity in indonesia and conducting exhibition with high quality.
  3. To develop point of view, opinion and concept in increasing appreciation toward artist and artworks. 
  4. To become umbrella of organization for artist and society in improving creativity and  appreciation in fine arts.




Existing since year 1999, at first this gallery is in Tanjung Priok and then in 2000 move to Kemang to extend range from society of fine arts. Located in Kemang Selatan Raya 125A South Jakarta with range area 2.400m2, Kemang is a very strategic location and centre of  art culture institute also centre of entertainment in Jakarta.

678 Gallery has pro-active to exhibit and communicate art works from artist all over indonesia and every  year at least 12 exhibition is held (single exhibition, group exhibition, artworks discussion, etc). 

The present, display room of 678 Galler is the biggest amon other Gallery in Jakarta with range 12 x 41 m (492 m2), the purpose is to give put flexibility for the artworks.



678 Gallery has variety of collection. From the history of Mooi Indie period, Persagi period, Bali Period, modern artwork 1989 to contemporer. 




678 Guest House equal with 3 (three) star hotel, with concept accessible, comfortable and affordable for the artists that doing activity in 678 Gallery. 

The existing of 678 Guest House is very important to support 678 Gallery mission to become one stop art destination. 678 Guest House also accommodate the needs of artist, curator, collector, appreciator also global society that have interest in painting, they also can mingle and knowing each other intensively because 678 Guest House become the hotel of artist when they have an artworks show in Jakarta. 


With capacity of 50 people, 678 Meeting Room give more pleasure for the user. For advance it has  wide space fresh atmosphere, good privacy and hope able to create a good meeting.


To complete the concept of one stop art destination, 678 Gallery also serving Soto Kudus 678 that enriched Kemang as centre of entertainment and food tour. Variety of Indonesian food such as : fried rice, egg tofu and etc, that served in authentic way.